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What is Postural Restoration?

Postural Restoration is a unique type of physical therapy that addresses the body’s postural position and the potential muscular imbalances which lead to pain.  When properly positioned, aligned and balanced, the joints and muscles can work in a more effective and efficient manner.  Postural Restoration explains how all the pieces of the body – the shoulder, the neck, the back, the hip, the knee and the foot … have to work together to function properly.  It also includes the systems involving the rib cage and diaphragm, pelvic muscles and position, foot stability, tooth contact, vestibular system and balance.  Successful outcomes in physical therapy sometimes rely upon integrating various specialists including dentists, optometrists and podiatrists.

If the body’s motions are not balance, pain and dysfunction result. As this dysfunction and imbalance persist, body structures undergo stress and strain. Postural Restoration aims to re-position body structures such as the hips, back and diaphragm, and retrain the muscles to return to optimal function, without pain. It’s goal is to restore positions so that all body parts can integrate effectively with each other.

Key in Postural Restoration is the relationship of various parts of the body to the diaphragm and rib cage. How we breathe determines how the rest of the body works. The position of the pelvis is extremely important as well.

PRI Orthotics - Postural Restoration
Dr. Paul Coffin with Dr. Ron Hruska

What connection does Dr. Coffin have to Postural Restoration?

In 2005, Dr. Coffin and Ron Hruska, PT, both experts in their fields,  collaborated  to pair the biomechanics of podiatric medicine with postural restoration physical therapy.  Each saw the value of the other’s discipline in treating many problems in their patients.  Using their professional skills and research, along with the genuine interest in helping therapists with their patients, they created an orthotic design to help people function more efficiently by correctly aligning and stabilizing the entire lower extremity.

From that time on, they have worked together to promote the use of orthotics for selected patients in a Postural Restoration program of physical therapy.  Dr. Coffin has lectured at Integration Courses and consults with Ron and numerous other PRI trained therapists about helping patients achieve their postural restoration goals.

Dr. Coffin is also participating in the new PRIME Program.

What is the PRIME Program all about?

Many physical therapists with training in Postural Restoration Physical Therapy choose Dr. Coffin’s orthotics laboratory. Click here to see the names and locations of some of the clinics throughout the country with PRI-certified or trained therapists who prescribe and order Dr. Coffin’s PRI Orthotics for their patients

Foot Note: Ahead Of The Game

Foot Note: Ahead of the Game

PRI therapists are ahead of the game; they recognize that well-made custom orthotics can be useful in treating the many mechanics-based pathologies of the foot, knee, hip and back.

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