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Orthotics and Your Sport

Dr. Paul Coffin - Athletes - Unique Sports

Our feet were not designed for hard flat surfaces.  The abnormality is not our feet, but the hard flat surface on which we ask them to function in today’s world.” 

-Dr. Paul Coffin, DPM

Dr. Paul Coffin - Athletes - Volleyball

Orthotics are uniquely designed to treat sports injuries.  They correctly align the body to allow athletes to be able to maximally participate in their sport and perhaps heal and prevent further injury.

With his understanding of the individual’s foot abnormality he can design and create orthotics which will orient the foot and knee into a more efficient straight forward, balanced position.  This will expend less energy and create less shock on the bones and joints.

Having run multiple marathons and many 5K and 10K races Dr. Coffin has experienced the pain of overuse and biomechanical injuries.  He has treated many runners from Olympians to Professional to University and high school and junior high athletes.  He consults with trainers of several major league baseball teams and a professional basketball team, providing orthotics to team members as needed.

College and University level coaches and trainers seek his services for evaluation of injured athletes and consultation on whether orthotics could help prevent future problems.

“Thank you for creating orthotics that let me play sports and live without pain. This is the first time in my life that I could play soccer, softball, and run without pain.”

– Katie, patient

Each Sport is Unique

Dr. Coffin takes the time to understand the demands and dynamics of the patient’s sport. He also addresses the position played (forward, guard, catcher, pitcher, etc.) or event participating in (long distance, sprints, high jump, pole vault, etc.). He’s gone to watch pitchers pitch and attended volleyball games to watch players jump.

He really cares about the athlete and their commitment to their sport, making it his goal to help each excel. He helps the athletes and coaches understand the biomechanics of the athlete’s form and how it affects their performance.

He feels it is very important that he analyze the shoes the athlete wears for competition and training. High priced, impressive television ads and celebrity endorsements do not ensure a good shoe.

Dr. Paul Coffin - Orthotics and Sports

“I feel like a whole new runner! My hips, knees, and arches no longer ache and running is fun again! The new orthotics are wonderful! You are still the best around.”

– Sarah, world-class runner

Dr. Paul Coffin - Training - Bike

Workouts and Training

Dr. Coffin would have been a terrific coach, had he chosen that career path. He understands training, overuse, conditioning, etc. He often lends his advice to his athlete patients on how to proceed with their training following an injury including suggested training schedules, when to increase mileage, etc. He’ll follow your progress through the newspaper results of your next competition. He always enjoys hearing from “his athletes.”

Many find this guidance invaluable as they return to partial or full participation in their sport.

Coaches and trainers are welcome to contact Dr. Coffin regarding injury prevention as well as rehab from injury.

“After suffering Achilles and plantar fasciitis problems for many months, the orthotics you made for me have made me much better. I am back to running a pretty full schedule and even finished 3rd in my age group in an 8k last weekend! I want to thank you for not just the technical part of diagnosing and orthotic construction, but for all of your time and your clear empathy. You are a fantastic doctor and I feel very privileged to have found you!”

– Jonathan, patient

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