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To maximize their effectiveness, most of Dr. Coffin’s orthotics are “regular,” designed to fit into athletic style shoes or other supportive tie shoes.  The majority of Dr. Coffin’s orthotics are built three quarter length, easily moved from shoe to shoe.


Although we can design thinner, narrower “low profile” orthotics specifically for boots or slip-ons, they will not be as supportive nor accomplish the original goals.  They are a good choice for a second pair of orthotics and can be worn when dressier shoes are mandatory.


These orthotics are advised for people who must wear dressier shoes on a regular basis, however, they must be cut down somewhat for a lower profile and some control will be lost .  These orthotics may also be recommended as a second pair since they will not provide maximum support. 


Dr. Coffin will determine the appropriate materials to build the supports, based on his examination of the patient.  Some people need softer materials while others need stiffer materials for more support.  In some cases, he will advise full length orthotics to solve a particular problem.  

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