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Dr. Paul Coffin

Dr. Paul Coffin - About Dr. Coffin


Dr. Paul Coffin has practiced podiatric medicine in Sioux City for over 35 years. Through the years, he has enjoyed treating patients with a variety of foot problems. As he continues his podiatry practice, he can now concentrate on his true passion – orthotics and biomechanics.

Dr. Coffin’s practice is unique in that he not only evaluates the patients’ biomechanics but he also builds custom orthotics to address imbalances. Dr. Coffin will take time with each patient to understand their problems and work closely with them on their treatment plans.

We welcome new patients who are interested in having an evaluation of the mechanics of their walking or running and those who would like to consider custom orthotics.

We’re located in a convenient location just over the river from Sioux City – in South Sioux City at 110 East 39th Street – just off Dakota Avenue.

Please contact us about the services we offer.


Dr. Paul Coffin opened his practice of podiatric medicine in Sioux City, Iowa, in 1981. Licensed in Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota, Dr. Coffin specializes in biomechanics, orthotics and podiatric sports medicine. His patients come from throughout the tri-state area and from many areas of the country to take advantage of his expertise. Many physical therapists, physicians, coaches and trainers refer patients to him.

Dr. Coffin’s athletic patients range from professional basketball players to college and junior high and high school athletes to the occasional athletes and joggers. He takes special efforts to analyze and understand each person’s level of sports participation and their need for correct biomechanical function as it relates to their sport.

Dr. Coffin treats an equal number of people with no sports involvement. With similar analysis, Dr. Coffin evaluates and treats people of all ages and walks of life for issues with their feet.

Without exception, Dr. Coffin’s patients leave his office with a greater understanding of their foot type and how it affects their gait and body alignment. He will prescribe custom orthotics if needed and/or offer other appropriate treatments such as medication, injection therapy, stretching exercises or perhaps simply a change in footwear or activity.


Dr. Coffin is a uniquely qualified expert in orthotics. Orthotics have been a part of his life since he was in college in LeMars, Iowa. He spent his summers working in an orthotics lab in Queens, New York, assisting his uncle, noted orthotics pioneer and sports podiatrist, Dr. Richard Schuster. He also helped his uncle with research and development of lectures and published articles on sports podiatry and orthotics. Dr. Schuster was a professor at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine, a regular columnist to The Runner magazine, and a charter member of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine.

Dr. Coffin “inherited” his uncle’s passion for trying to understand the biomechanics of walking and running and the creation of effective orthotics. He, too, enjoys sharing his biomechanical expertise through teaching and lectures and, of course, educating patients.


Dr. Coffin received his Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree from the New York College of Podiatric Medicine and completed a residency at the Washington D.C. VA Medical Center.

Dr. Coffin worked at Schuster Orthotics Laboratory in New York City for ten years where he studied under his late uncle, Dr. Richard Schuster, a noted sports podiatrist and biomechanics authority.

Orthotics Lab

Dr. Coffin started his own orthotics lab in the 80’s, making orthotic appliances for his own patients. In 2007 he expanded his lab to allow him to fabricate orthotics for other practitioners, primarily physical therapists who practice Postural Restoration techniques.


Dr. Coffin is a member of the American Podiatric Medical Association and the Iowa Podiatric Medical Society. He is a Fellow of both the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine and the American Board of Podiatric Surgery.


Dr. Coffin speaks to many groups on feet, orthotics, shoes, biomechanics and sports podiatry. He loves to share his passion for biomechanics of the feet with coaches, doctors, therapists, athletes, students and the general public.

Recent lectures by Dr. Coffin:

  • “What you Need to Know” Richard Schuster Biomechanics Seminar, New York, NY
  • “Foot Biomechanics,” Polytechnic Institute, Opale, Poland
  • “Stabilizing the Lower Extremity,” Postural Restoration Institute, Lincoln,NE
  • “Schuster Biomechanics,” American Podiatric Medical Association Annual Scientific Meeting – The National, Las Vegas, NV
  • “Biomechanics and Orthotics,” American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine at Des Moines University
  • Mid American Athletic Trainers Association Annual Symposium , Omaha, NE
  • “Running Injuries,” Buena Vista University, Storm Lake, IA
  • “Treating Sports Injuries of the Foot with Orthotics,” North Dakota Athletic Trainers Association, Fargo, ND
  • “It’s Not Posterior Tibial Dysfunction: Biomechanics as it Relates to Surgical Intervention,” MidwestPodiatry Conference, Chicago, IL
  • “It’s Not Posterior Tibial Dysfunction,” Iowa Podiatric Medical Society Annual , Des Moines, IA
Foot Note: Family History

Foot Note: Family History

Dr. Coffin has been involved in making orthotics for almost 40 years, starting in the summer of 1970, assisting his uncle, Dr. Richard O. Schuster.  Dr. Schuster learned the art of orthotics from his father Richard and Uncle Otto with a family history of fabricating orthotics of nearly 100 years. 

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